8 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Faces

Buying a Samsung Galaxy watch means your watch never clashes with your outfit because you can update the watch face with a few clicks. With thousands of watch face choices, we’ve done the research for your consideration.

The wearer of a Samsung Galaxy can choose from fun, funky, traditional, and ultra-modern designs. Samsung offers themed faces that homage favorite films and TV shows and old-school chronographer designs.

Let’s consider the coolest of these watch faces.

1. Messa

The free watch face Messa offers a traditional look that’s minimalistic. Its black background with white lettering offers an easy-to-read face with black and white hands.

Besides the time, you can also read the battery percentage. For Tizen-powered Galaxy watches.

2. Blue Pop

Another minimalist entry, the white background uses a color pop of blue to add excitement to the watch display.

The face displays the time, date, day of the week, and your day’s step count at a glance.

3. Fit Future

Choose Fit Future to focus your watch face on your fitness.

In addition to the time of day and day of the week, this watch face displays the steps you’ve walked or run, your heart rate, and the number of calories burned.

4. RZ 168 Classic

RZ 168 Classic

Throwback to the 1970s and the first digital watches with the RZ 168 watch face.

This free watch face allows the wearer to choose between a 12- or 24-hour time display.

It works on Tizen and WearOS-powered watches and includes a bevy of features including a blood pressure monitor, step counter, day of the week, and date display, plus the weather and a battery monitor.

5. Breathe

Breathe watch face only works with Tizen-powered watches but its swirls of artsy cotton candy color provide a welcome respite from the typical digital display.

The free watch face pulses in slow motion so you can use it to time your breathing in yoga or just to cool off if someone ticks you off.

Samsung customizations include the dial, pulse color, and hands, so you can make this in your favorite color.

6. Concourse d’Elegance Noir

Go for that Rolex look with this free watch face in black and gold. Compatible with both WearOS and Tizen operating systems, you can enjoy this ritzy look for your watch without expense.

It displays the time, date, and battery life and works well as a look for day or night.

7. LAZ Fit Tracker

An art deco-ish display of all of your fitness and weather data, this free option lets you track the temperature, sunset and sunrise, your daily steps and calories, plus your travel in miles and kilometers.

There’s nothing lazy about the LAZ, which uses a series of circles on a solid background and a single red apple for an accent.

8. GRR New Moon Space II

If tech still isn’t high-tech enough for you, the science fiction-based GRR New Moon Space II watch face works with both the WearOS and Tizen operating systems.

It offers a digital and dual analog display that displays the time, date, blood pressure monitor, the moon phase, your daily steps, and your distance walked or run in your choice of miles or kilometers. You can customize it to the colors you want.

The One You Customize Yourself.

Samsung lets you customize most of the watch faces in its catalog, so you can change the face to suit your needs or likes. Perhaps the coolest watch face doesn’t yet exist because you’ll make it yourself from a template someone else designed.

Your Samsung Galaxy offers thousands of options for watch faces. Click on the “Discover” button in the gallery on your watch or the mobile app to find your favorite. These nine top the list of our favorites.

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