About Us

Smartwatch Lab was founded with one goal in mind: To help you pick the right smartwatch!

Whoever you are, whatever your hobby, or even if it’s for a gift, our guides are designed to help you decide which smartwatch is right. There may be certain features you need, or you may need it for a specific sport or outdoor activity. We have you covered, trust me.

Why I started Smartwatch Lab.

Hi, I’m Joe. I’m an avid runner, and have completed (a half) Ironman. I also do a lot of weightlifting and love to take care of things like steps, heart rate and sleep. Because of this, my smartwatch became essential.

I used to wear a dress watch, but using my Garmin for running and my triathlon, I haven’t looked back.

But the journey to get to the perfect smartwatch for running and triathlons wasn’t easy. I trialled many different watches, and made a few costly mistakes. Along the way I learned a few things, and decided a website with full guides would be so helpful to people in the same situation.

We’re not only creating guides for runners and triathletes though, with the help of experts, we will be helping all kinds of people find their perfect smartwatch. Whether it’s a certain feature you like, or whether you need a smartwatch because of your occupation, we aim to have it all covered.

With the help of tech experts, and smartwatch owners, we hope to create the most comprehensive and helpful guides on the web!

Every guide will be checked over by myself and our editorial team, so that it is factually correct, up to date, and helpful for you.

Joe Davies
Founder of Smartwatch Lab