Suunto Vs Garmin (2022): How to Buy the Right Fitness Tracker

Suunto vs Garmin

You want to take every advantage you get when it comes to staying fit. This means you should buy the best smart fitness tracker out there. We’re going to walk you through the Suunto versus Garmin smartwatch fitness trackers.

We were all a little skeptical when fitness trackers and smartwatches first came out. Several years have gone by, and we can now say with confidence that we don’t know how we live without these devices.

Let’s walk through Suunto and Garmin to find the best fitness tracker for you.

Suunto Vs Garmin—Which is Better?


There’s never been a closer race between two smartwatch fitness tracking brands.

We’re going to have to give the best overall fitness tracker award to Suunto.

Suunto offers a more refined style without compromising on durability or build quality. The battery life is better, and the fitness information is just as good.

Garmin does shine and offers more specialized information. Garmin also has a rugged style that’s perfect for some.

If you want to get into the details, here’s what makes Suunto and Garmin different.

Suunto Vs Garmin: Key Differences

Suunto and Garmin are two very similar brands, but don’t let that fool you.

There’s actually a lot that separates these two fitness trackers.

Health Stats and Fitness Features

Suunto and Garmin are very close fitness tracking devices. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their health and fitness features.

Let’s look at a few of the key differences that really stand out.

Suunto includes a unique feature known as FusedTrack. FusedTrack uses motion sensing data alongside GPS to give you much more precise information. 

Garmin offers more precise and detailed information when it comes to health data. Garmin offers refined pieces of information like SpO2 levels. Suunto doesn’t track that information.

Both devices let you pick between a variety of different sports modes. Suunto devices are a bit more specialized for off-road sports. This lets you make more use of the FusedTrack feature.

Style Points (And Build Quality While We’re Here)

The biggest differentiating factor between Suunto and Garmin is style.

Suunto is a Nordic brand. It has that streamlined style that we associate with northern European fashion. The fitness trackers that you got from Suunto are just as at home in the gym as they are in the boardroom.

Garmin takes a more rugged approach to fashion. Garmin makes tough-looking smartwatches with large bezels. These fitness trackers look like they’re from a military surplus store.

Yet both of these devices are built to similar standards. Suunto might be better when it comes to water resistance, but they are both nearly identical when it comes to durability.

Don’t let the style of either smartwatch fitness tracker trick you, they’re both tough.

One last build quality issue is the battery life. Suunto has a longer battery life which makes it favored for long distance runners. Garmin does offer solar charging, but the maximum capacity of the battery is much lower.

Let’s Talk Smartwatch Apps

Your smartwatch or fitness tracker is only as good as the app that powers it. You could have the best fitness tracker in the world, but if the app is no good then it might as well be an analog watch.

Suunto used to have a reputation for its minimalist app design. To be honest, Suunto used to have a bad app.

Suunto now has a competitive and streamlined app. Suunto also designs their devices to work with other smartwatch applications. This gives you more options when it comes to control.

Garmin has always been at the top of the game when it comes to its application. The Garmin app hasn’t changed so much over the years. It has refined and improved on an already successful design.

Suunto Vs Garmin: The Winner

This is a contest of style, durability, and features. The overall winner in all three of these categories is the Suunto fitness tracker.

The Suunto is the right watch for individuals who have a more refined sense of fashion. It’s ideal if you’re working out at the office, or before you head to work.

Garmin is the perfect pick if you want a more rugged style. Garmin makes watches that are just as strong as Suunto, but they look much more rough and tumble.

Suunto is the watch that you’re going to want to pick if you’re into sports that take you off the trail. Garmin has your back if you are maximizing your gains in the gym, or you’re looking to track performance.

Are you looking to buy a Suunto fitness tracker or Garmin smartwatch? Make sure to shop from a trustworthy online store to get a watch that is right for you.

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