Whoop Vs Garmin: Which is Right for You?

Garmin vs Whoop Watch

Whoop and Garmin are two of the best fitness tracking smartwatches out there, but which one is the best?

You’ve got some pretty great tools when it comes to making your workout routines more efficient. The data that you can get from a fitness tracker can improve everything from sleep to your gains at the gym.

The ideal fitness tracker helps you achieve your health and wellness goals. Whoop and Garmin take different routes to helping people achieve those goals.

Let’s take a look at the Whoop and the Garmin fitness trackers.

Whoop Vs Garmin—The Quick Answer

The Garmin smartwatch fitness tracker is the better of the two for most individuals. It gives you a wider range of data, has a useful built-in screen, and doubles as a smartwatch.

Whoop does have its advantages though. That lack of a screen means you can focus on your work-out. It also means no more worrying about scratching or cracking a fragile smartwatch.

Whoop also wins out if you’re looking for data on sleep and fitness recovery. Garmin still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to those two specific types of fitness data.

To understand the difference between the Whoop and the Garmin, we need to look at the finer details.

Whoop Vs Garmin: Key Differences

There are some pretty striking differences between the Whoop and the Garmin fitness trackers. These are honestly two completely different devices, and we’re going to need to look at the details to make a decision on which one is better.

Screen Vs No Screen

The first thing you’re going to notice is that the Whoop fitness tracker does not have a screen. You need to have it paired with the smartphone app or the web app to access your fitness data.

This has some pros and cons. The Whoop is by far the more durable device. If you’re swimming, playing hockey, or playing other rough sports, you’re going to want to go with the Whoop off of durability alone.

However, we can’t discount the value of having a screen like you get on Garmin fitness trackers. You can look at your wrist and get up to the second information on your health and fitness stats.

How Do You Feel About Paying a Monthly Subscription?

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There’s another massive difference between Whoop and Garmin. Whoop charges a monthly subscription fee.

If cost is an issue, or you don’t like paying subscription fees, the Whoop device might not be right for you.

This isn’t one of those monthly subscriptions that gets you more information. This is essential for using a Whoop tracker at all.

Garmin doesn’t feature any monthly subscription fees at all. You can access all the data and features right when you open the box.

Garmin is easily the winner when it comes to cost-effectiveness and getting what you pay for.

Health and Fitness Tracking

whoop watch

This is where the head-to-head fight between Whoop and Garmin gets serious.

After all, what is a fitness tracker worth if it’s not good at tracking fitness?

Let’s start with the Whoop fitness tracker. Whoop is used by professional athletes to get precision recovery information.

Whoop is leagues ahead when it comes to recovery tracking.

Whoop is also the better device if you’re looking to track sleep. Garmin struggles with tracking sleep and still hasn’t found out a good way to track naps.

Garmin does bring some impressive features to the table. Garmin fitness trackers give you a wider range of data and more granular information.

Garmin might not be the best for hardcore athletes, but it is great for most people.

Whoop Vs Garmin: The Winner

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Our pick for the best fitness tracker has to go to Garmin. Unless you’re looking for a few specific features that Whoop wins out on, Garmin is the way to go.

Garmin is easily the best choice for fitness enthusiasts. It’s also great for people who don’t have precision goals, but just want to boost their health.

Whoop is the way to go if you need the extra durability. It also helps if you want to get further away from having screens on every device. Whoop also has the best data when it comes to sleep and recovery.

There’s one last thing to know about smartwatch fitness trackers. You always want to buy your Whoop or Garmin fitness tracker from a reliable online retailer.

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