Best Standalone Smartwatch In 2022

Apple Watch Series 6

You can track different regimens and workout plans and save all of your stats.

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The smartwatch is the ultimate companion to your smartphone. They allow you to accomplish multiple tasks at once while pushing calls, and notifications and syncing other data to and from your phone.

This is handy when you can’t have your phone on your person or have to have it on silent. But what about when you don’t or can’t have a phone with you at all?

That’s where a standalone smartwatch comes in. A standalone smartwatch can take calls, push email and other notifications, and more. It should also check a number of boxes that other smartwatches don’t.

Most of the top and middle-tier smartwatches can replace the basic functions of a smartphone while accomplishing other things like timers, biometrics, and the like. But which is best?

We took a look at some of the best-selling, top and middle-tier smartwatches to see which is the best standalone smartwatch.

This Year’s Top Standalone Smartwatches

Our list was curated by looking at brand reputation, as well as how well the watch takes the place of your phone. We also looked at other key features of a smartwatch like alerts and notifications, health and wellness features, and time-related features.

TicWatch Pro (4G/LTE)

TicWatch Pro 4G LTE

GPS NFC Wear OS by Google Android Health and Fitness Tracker with Calls Notifications Music Swim Sleep Tracking Heart Rate Monitor US Version

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The TicWatch Pro is one of the more affordable smartwatches on our list. It has a low-profile look with an exterior that looks like an ordinary watch, making it good for any event.

It has a dual-screen interface for versatility and a very rugged exterior. You get full 4G, LTE connectivity, and it is relatively affordable compared to other smartwatches.

It might be a bit too bulky for some people, and some users are unsatisfied with the user interface (UI). It is a good choice for anyone who is very active, who works with their hands and might damage a less durable watch.

You could call it the pickup truck of smartwatches.

Apple Watch SE (eSim)

Apple Watch SE
  • It is easily compatible with iPhone 5s and later models as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • It is water-resistant and has all the bells and whistles for workouts and keeping track of a healthy lifestyle and heart rates
  • There is a sleep tracker to help you monitor and improve your sleep patterns
  • Included is a GPS and locating tracking system
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Unlike the TicWatch, the Apple Watch SE looks like a smartwatch. It has the squared edges with rounded corners that you will find with most Apple smartwatches, taking incognito use off the table. 

The Apple Watch SE has cut one or two popular health sensors out of the package to make it more affordable than other watches in its lineup. These are the SpO2 and the ECG sensors, so if monitoring respiration and heart rate are important to you, you might want to pass on this one. 

But don’t think it is completely devoid of health features. The Apple Watch provides fall detection, elevation tracking, and heart health notifications. These features make it less fitness-oriented and more health oriented. It could be a great watch for an aging relative or anyone with a health condition. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (eSim)

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3
  • (45mm, GPS, Bluetooth, Unlocked LTE)
  • Smart Watch with Advanced Health Monitoring
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Long Lasting Battery
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This watch was tough to place, but it scores high in a number of ways. For a start, it’s streamlined, looks great, and like the TicWatch Pro, it looks like an ordinary watch.

It features FDA-approved ECG settings, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to monitor heart health. Unfortunately, its blood pressure sensor is not supported in U.S.-based networks, but that could change in the future. It also has a shorter battery life compared to its predecessor, but that comes with a small, light design.

If you act fast you might be able to get it at a dramatically reduced price on Amazon or Walmart. Otherwise, you may have to pay full price, although it’s still a good deal if this watch suits your needs.

Amazfit Verge 2 (eSim)

Amazfit Verge 2
  • Smart Watch with Fitness Tracker for Android & iPhone.
  • 20-Day Battery Life.
  • GPS Built-in
  • 1.3 " AMOLED Screen
  • Heart Rate Sleep Monitor
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The Amazefit Verge 2 from Xiami is a clear winner on at least two fronts. Number one, it is one of the most affordable smartwatches you’re likely to find anywhere. Number two, it delivers features that up until its release a couple of years ago, we could only find in an Apple watch.

It is very streamlined, and while the materials it is made from may be middle-end, the rounded design will make it more durable than a square watch.

The IU lacks the refinement of most Apple watches. Still, its simplicity is more than a match for those who are mostly interested in a fitness watch.

Perhaps its biggest flaw is the protruding sensor on the back side, which some may find uncomfortable. However, if you’re using it as an exercise aid, this may not be an issue.

Amazfit Nexo (eSim)

AmazFit Nexo

Though it has been replaced by the Verge 2, it is still a very strong smartwatch in many regards and is just a tick away from being our favorite.

For a start, it offers more than a solid 24 hours of battery life. That alone makes it a serious contender for the top spot. 

If you’re into adventuring or camping, that battery life puts this watch over the top. Add the 4 gigs of music storage space, onboard Alexa, and high water resistance, this is a watch to wear to the end of the Earth.

If that’s not enough, it also offers NCF payment models and ECG monitoring. And, of course, you can make and receive calls on it. 

It’s also very affordable, at $144 to $216 with most retailers. 

Our Top Pick for Standalone Smartwatch:

The Apple Watch Series 6 (eSim)

Apple Watch Series 6

You can track different regimens and workout plans and save all of your stats.

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We picked the Apple Watch Series 6 for our number one spot because it packs the most functionality into a tiny, streamlined package. It still has its flaws and comes in at the highest price point. Nevertheless, we feel it is most likely to satisfy those who are looking for a top-quality standalone smartwatch.

When it comes to third-party apps, it has the best selection of any standalone smartwatch. Its advanced microprocessor is faster than those of the competition and it has lots of useful features.

It provides SpO2 tracking, elevation tracking, a sleep timer, and a hand-wash count-down timer. It also delivers a number of quality-of-life features like screen-dimming when you lower your wrist.

It also has the widest selection of bands and some delightfully colorful background options. The battery life is only a slight improvement over the previous model, but this will not be an issue in most cases.

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