3 Best Smartwatch For Fishing

  • Premium GPS for Running and Cycling
  • Adventure Watch with Route Navigation
  • Large 50mm Size Touch Screen
  • Up to 170 Hours GPS Battery Life
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Fishing is a great way to relax and forget about the stresses of daily life, and with a good smartwatch, it can be even more fun. The right watch can also make fishing easier thanks to the many features you’ll get access to.

With that said, finding one can be challenging because there are so many options to choose from. 

I’ve reviewed three smartwatches and found the Suunto 9 Baro to be the best smartwatch for fishing. It’s got all the right features, is very durable and looks good as well. 

The Garmin Enduro and Casio Pathfinder are also great options, and they’re only a little bit behind the Suunto when it comes to performance.

Keep reading for a more detailed look at these watches.

Best Smartwatches for Fishing

1. Suunto 9 Baro (Best Overall)

  • Premium GPS for Running and Cycling
  • Adventure Watch with Route Navigation
  • Large 50mm Size Touch Screen
  • Up to 170 Hours GPS Battery Life
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This smartwatch is packed with all the features you’d hope a watch for fishing would have, and more. It doesn’t weigh a lot, looks amazing, and sits comfortably enough for ease of use during long fishing trips.

Thanks to built-in GPS (which offers breadcrumb navigation), a compass, and a weather tracker with a storm alarm, this watch will ensure the wearer doesn’t get lost or get stuck in unpleasant weather. 

The barometer pressure detector and digital thermostat also go a long way to ensuring the wearer is always ahead of the weather. Of course, this means the old excuses of ‘getting lost’ or ‘caught in the rain’ won’t be as effective anymore…

The Suunto 9 is made of highly durable materials like stainless steel, and the face glass is made of sapphire crystal. As a result, this robust smartwatch is ideal for all kinds of fishing.

The water resistance is effective up to 100 meters, and the display is anti-reflective for readability in all conditions. 

2. Garmin Enduro (Best for Battery Life) 

Garmin Enduro
  • Ultraperformance Multisport GPS Watch with Solar Charging Capabilities
  • Battery Life Up to 80 Hours in GPS Mode
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The Garmin Enduro’s name says exactly what makes this smartwatch stand out—it’s very reliable as it comes with a really long battery life.

For anyone who wants a watch that will not run out of steam when they need it most, this watch is a great option. It boasts offering up to 300 hours of GPS battery life, which is quite impressive.

There is more to this watch than its good battery life, though. It offers great connectivity (texts and alerts) and GPS support as well. The barometric altimeter and compass are of good quality as well. 

Although the Garmin Enduro is designed for athletes, it serves as a pretty decent smartwatch for fishers.

3. Casio Pathfinder (Best for Price)

Casio Men's PAG240T-7CR Pathfinder

Triple-Sensor Stainless Steel Watch with Titanium Bracelet

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Fishermen and women who want a good smartwatch but don’t want to spend a fortune might want to consider the Casio Pathfinder.

It has all the nice features that will make fishing easy and convenient without the hefty price tag many smartwatches come with.

The watch’s display is easy to read, it is waterproof, and comes with a compass, barometer, and altimeter built-in. Because this watch is solar-powered, keeping it alive during fishing is easy.

Durability isn’t a problem—this watch is shock-proof in addition to its water resistance. Although setting up the watch at first can be a bit tricky, using it is pretty easy to use once you’re used to it.

Buying Guide

Since not all smartwatches are made equally, there is a handful of features that help to make choosing the best one easier.

Here are some of the most important elements to keep in mind while shopping for a new watch for your fishing adventures:

Sunlight Legibility

Fishing is, for the most part, done during the day, so it’s important that your smartwatch has decent legibility in direct sunlight.

It’s a good idea to look for a watch that has an LED backlight that can help boost readability.

Tide Times Monitoring

This is an important feature if you’re going to be fishing in the ocean.

Every good fisherman should know the low and high tides as that affects how fish move, so if that applies to you, make sure your watch has the ability to tell you about tides.


Smartwatches for fishing tend to be rather expensive, so replacing them after only a few months will be frustrating.

Make sure that the watch you choose is designed to endure the elements you’ll be exposing it to when you’re fishing.

Good, robust smartwatches are made of a combination of steel and polycarbonate plastic.


It’s important that your watch has built-in navigation in the form of a GPS and compass. These features will make navigation easier and you can focus on fishing rather than remembering exactly where you are.

If you’re fishing in the ocean, a smartwatch with good navigation is especially useful and important. Some watches let you save your favorite locations, which can be a nice added touch.


It should go without saying, but a good fishing watch should be waterproof so it won’t get damaged if you get wet.

Also, take note of what depths your watch is designed to be effectively resistant. Some are not able to go deep at all.

Easy To Read

The clock’s face needs to be clear so it’s easy to read at all times. You shouldn’t have to waste time trying to decipher what the watch is trying to tell you. This applies to direct sunlight as well as in general.

Weather Monitoring

As a fisherman (or woman), you know that the weather can change almost instantly, and weather channels aren’t the most reliable at the best of times.

That’s why it’s a great idea to have a smartwatch that can keep you up-to-date on weather conditions.


Your smartwatch should be good for fishing as well as daily use. For that reason, look for a watch that can receive messages, can connect to your phone, and has any other extra features you’d want in a standard smartwatch.


Being able to connect your smartwatch to your phone will greatly enhance how useful it is to you. With a watch that can connect to your phone, you can easily keep track of your fishing activities.


You’ll likely be wearing your new smartwatch often, so you have to keep its design in mind. It should look nice enough that you’re proud to wear it but also be comfortable so it doesn’t hurt you in any way.

Final Verdict

The Suunto 9 Buro has to be the best smartwatch for fishing because it’s versatile and highly durable. It will withstand all fishing adventures while making fishing easier and a lot more fun. 

The easy-to-read display, the accurate GPS, and other features just make it stand out amongst other smartwatches. Although it’s a bit expensive, this watch is an investment that will last you many years.

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