Apple Watch Tips 2022: Tweaks You Should Know

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Apple Watch devices are crafted with comfort, utility, and style in mind. As a result, there are tons of small tweaks that make them even easier to use.

Apple Watch is easy to customize just how you like it. Check out the Apple watch tips below and experiment a bit to find out what suits you best.

I’ve worn an Apple Watch SE daily for about a year now. It has improved my time consciousness, helped me stay on top of my daily schedule, and even helped me monitor my health. The SE is great for getting a feel for what the upgraded options offer.

Apple Watch products are constantly expanding features and improving apps. This includes various options designed to make Apple Watches more enjoyable based on your own preferences.

“Hey Siri” Settings

Apple Watch Tips

Apple Watch has full Siri compatibility for the ultimate in AI digital assistance.

This includes being able to activate and interact with Siri using voice commands. You can set up your Siri voice command settings right out of the box in a few ways.

Typically, the Digital Crown can be held down for a second to activate Siri. It lets you easily activate Siri even when there might be disruptive background noise making it harder to hear you. And the feature works quite well for that.

You can adjust Siri’s settings in your iPhone’s Apple Watch app to activate only based on your voice. You can also set Siri to activate with the Digital Crown only once you spin it to unlock your Apple Watch.

Making the Most of Health Features

Apple Watch Tips

The Apple Watch comes with a ton of health and fitness features that many people use daily. You can find most of these features preloaded just by activating them in app settings.

Even more options become available with other apps from the App Store. These health and fitness features are far more than the basic programs of yesteryear. They pack many more features than meets the eye.

You’re able to track basically any fitness routine with customizable settings using the preloaded Workouts app. Biking, walking, swimming, gardening, jogging, yoga, and far more are ready to activate. Your watch tracks calories burned, distance traveled, balance, your heart rate, and other physical data.

Speaking of your heart rate, Apple Watch’s built-in Heart Rate app monitors it whenever you wear your watch. You can see your resting and top heart rate throughout the day. You can check how it is while you sleep (and your sleep quality with OS7) or work out.

You can even take an ECG to check for any heartbeat irregularities such as atrial fibrillation, and measure your blood oxygen level.

Since the COVID pandemic, the Apple Watch will even time your hand washing!

Play Digital Media

Play Digital Media

The Apple Watch, running watchOS4.1 and above, allows you to play music and podcast content.

Using your watch as a player control, you simply sync your wireless headset or speaker.

This is great when you want to take some music, the radio, or a favorite podcast on the go. It’s a fantastic thing to be able to listen to my top playlists or learn something new on the go. It’s great for times you’re working with your hands, walking, running, biking, and tons of random moments throughout the day.

Important Emergency Calling Tips

Important Emergency Calling Tips

The emergency calling features on your Apple Watch have far more to them than you might imagine. For starters, your Apple Watch will adjust the emergency number it dials based on your location.

If you’re an American staying in London, your watch will automatically dial 999 instead of your native 911. This is a truly life-saving feature.

You can make an emergency call by holding down the Digital Crown until the shutdown screen appears. Tap emergency calling or just continue holding down the Digital Crown. Once a brief timer counts down, your watch will begin to dial.

Perhaps the best part is that your Apple Watch can text a friend or family member as soon as your emergency call ends. You can enable this feature by setting your emergency contact in your Medical ID. It’s a great comfort to know help is just a tap or a button away.

The Bottom Line

The Apple Watch line of products is surely one of the most useful, high-performing smartwatches on the market. Have fun exploring these tips to make using yours even better!

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