The Whoop vs Apple Watch Review (2022)

whoop vs apple watch

Here is a look at the results and the summary of the Whoop vs. Apple watch comparison.

I have read more than a few reviews regarding Whoop vs. Apple Watch. It seemed that many of those reviews were also from a more technical view. As a personal trainer, former competitor and US Marine, I have learned a thing or two about fitness.

After studying the Whoop vs. Applewatch matchup, the evidence and results are clear. Here is where I stand on the Whoop vs. Apple Watch comparison from the fitness first tech-second vantage point. 

Whoop vs Apple Watch at a Glance

At first glance, this appears to be a case of comparing apples (no pun intended) to oranges. That is also a true assessment of the Whoop vs. Apple Watch discussion.

Different in many ways, but they are both fruits. The common ground in the Whoop vs. Apple Watch debate is fitness. Which is better will depend on what you are looking for and what you expect from these mobile tech devices. 

If you are looking for mobile tech designed strictly to improve your health and fitness, Whoop is the only choice. In fact, that is all that whoop does and all they care about.

If you are looking for a smartwatch that does, well, everything, then the Apple Watch is the only choice. Now, however, you see the dilemma in comparing the Whoop vs. Apple Watch.

Do you want a mobile device solely aimed at helping improve your overall health and fitness routine? The Whoop will enable you to do just that. Want the Whoop to tell you what time it is, play a song, or – well, anything else? Good luck. 

Do you want a smartwatch to help improve your overall fitness? Sure, the Apple watch has features that can help. Want data regarding your REM state when sleeping? Wrong device.

Whoop vs. Apple Watch, which device is better? That question might be akin to asking do apples or oranges make better apple juice, or do apples or oranges make better orange juice? 

The answer to the question depends on what you are looking for and what you need. Here is a closer look at the Whoop vs. Apple Watch comparison.

Whoop vs Apple Watch Comparison

From fitness, to features, and their uses, here is what the results say:

Fitness Comparison

Apple Watches

The Whoop, designed for people serious about fitness, is a mobile tech wrist band.

The goal of the Whoop is to help you improve your overall fitness through sleep, rest and recovery, and waking data. 

Want to see how long it takes to recover from your workouts? Want more in-depth information about your sleeping habits? Then the Whoop is a useful and insightful mobile tech device.

The Apple Watch was not designed for your overall fitness and health, per say, but it does have fitness-related features. As far as getting as deep into your sleeping habits or workout recovery rates, that may require additional apps or tools.

If your overall health and fitness is the goal, then the Apple Watch is the mobile tech device of choice in this case. If you want a mobile tech device that can help improve your sleeping patterns or recovery rates, then the Whoop deserves a look.

Features Comparison

whoop watch

With features like measurements for heart rate variability and blood oxygen, Whoop offers detailed data features.

That is about the extent of the type of Whoop features you can expect. 

Apple Watch is a leader in features, and that includes many fitness-related features. Additionally, Apple Watch has built-in options for choosing workouts to learning yoga. For those more detailed and personal data points, a variety of third-party apps provide many of those tools.

If you put a lot of weight on features, the scale is decidedly for the Apple Watch.

If you have a smartwatch, Whoop could be the one mobile tech device you are missing to take your fitness and health to the next level.

Uses Comparison

The Whoop is used almost exclusively by people who are serious athletes and competitors. For the average person counting steps walking the dog, Whoop may be overkill.

Apple Watch is an everything smartwatch for everyone. From health and fitness features to organizing business, yeah – the Apple Watch has many uses.

The Apple Watch is easily the more versatile mobile tech device in the Whoop vs. Apple Watch comparison.

If you aren’t training for a triathlon or eyeing a place on the Olympic team, Whoop doesn’t offer many uses.

Whoop vs Apple Watch: The Winner

Drum roll please.

Best Overall – The Apple Watch

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The best overall mobile tech device in the Whoop vs. Apple Watch comparison is the Apple Watch. No, it probably wasn’t a fair comparison, but both tech products excel at what they do.

The problem was, one only does so much. If you are looking to take the next step in your health and fitness journey, Whoop could be the perfect fit. On the other hand, if you are looking for a smartwatch to assist your fitness routine, the Apple Watch is a great idea.

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