Best Smartwatches for Seniors (2022)

Smartwatch for Senior

I looked at some of the best smartwatches for grandparents and seniors available. The best of the bunch, as of right now, is the Samsung Galaxy Watch series. These devices offer the best value for grandparents and seniors.

Here’s why.

Wearable devices have come a long way. A smartwatch can do a lot more for you than you think, and some stand above the rest.

Grandparents and seniors can benefit a great deal from a smartwatch in several ways. So, if you’re on the fence, here’s a look at a few smartwatches for grandparents that might convince you.

I took some time looking at the things someone a little older may want from a wearable device. From there, I combed through reviews and offerings to see what devices lined up well with those desires.

People of all ages have embraced tech as part of their everyday lives, and there’s definitely growth in the adoption of wearable devices by seniors. 

What Makes a Smartwatch Good for Seniors?

The criteria for selecting the best smartwatch for grandparents and seniors involved :

  • Good battery life
  • Easy compatibility with apps, computers, or smartphones
  • Ease of use with a clear interface
  • Health monitoring features

You will want a smartwatch that works well for you and your specific needs. To that end, it’s important to know some of the smartwatch features that many people may not even know exist. For example, the smartwatch can come with:

  • Fall detection
  • Voice commands
  • Water resistance
  • SOS features

Also, having a variety of styles and extra features goes a long way. Especially for those discerning grandparents who prefer a little customization in their lives. In addition, the way the wearable device works with the smartphones or computers they’re connected to will also matter. 

Overall Best Smartwatch for Grandparents

Samsung Galaxy Watch

  • Description:
    • 40mm Bluetooth Smartwatch with Body, Health, Fitness and Sleep Tracker
    • Improved Battery
    • Sapphire Crystal Glass
    • Enhanced GPS Tracking
  • 42mm Smartwatch with ECG Monitor Tracker for Health
  • Fitness
  • Running
  • Sleep Cycles
  • GPS Fall Detection
  • Bluetooth
  • 40mm Bluetooth Smartwatch with Body, Health, Fitness and Sleep Tracker
  • Improved Battery
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • Enhanced GPS Tracking
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch series offers the best in features, design, and useability. These smartwatches come with:

  • Fitness tracking
  • Nice display options
  • ECG monitoring
  • Sleep tracking
  • Fall detection
  • Good battery life
  • An unobtrusive design
  • Distance tracking
  • Waterproof

This device includes everything you could want from a smartwatch. A good start is the Galaxy Watch 4, but an even better and more current option is the Galaxy Watch 5.

For grandparents and seniors, one of the most important functions of the Galaxy Watch is fall detection. This feature uses the accelerometer to detect a fall but also goes a step further. The fall can trigger an emergency help request. If the request goes unanswered, an SOS function will alert authorities or contacts from a pre-defined list.

The most recent offerings from Samsung in this line can do a body composition analysis. Altogether, it’s the full package. It’s important to realize this is a flagship smart device. As such, these smartwatches can do an incredible number of other things that can make life easier.

The Galaxy Watch works flawlessly with Samsung devices and other Android-powered devices. However, it also works with iPhones. So, you don’t have to feel left out if that’s your smartphone of choice. The Samsung Galaxy Watch sits above the rest when it comes to smartwatches for grandparents and seniors.

Special Mentions

The Samsung Galaxy Watch isn’t the only good smartwatch for grandparents and seniors. Many options exist, and some may well work far better for others.

Smartwatches for Grandparents with iPhones

The Apple Watch series can work best for those with iPhones and other Apple devices. We all know Apple keeps its tech ecosystem tight. Apple products work exceptionally well with other Apple products. These smartwatches have many of the same features as the Galaxy Watch.

The price point may seem a little prohibitive to those unfamiliar with how Apple values its products. The interface is a little more complex, which grandparents may not like. Still, as an Apple device, the Siri integration can help a lot with that.

Smartwatches for Highly Active Grandparents

Some smartwatches excel at singular functionality. What if you don’t want all the bells and whistles? What if you want something to help you with health monitoring and exercising? There’s a plethora of very nice smartwatches just for you. Some of those include:

Amazfit Bip 3
  • Smart Watch for Android iPhone
  • Health Fitness Tracker with 1.69" Large Display
  • 14-Day Battery Life
  • 60+ Sports Modes
  • Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitor5
  • ATM Water-resistant
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  • Various Fitbits (Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa)
  • Lively Wearable
  • Amazfit Bip and Amazfit Pace

Features vary, but these smartwatches all offer advanced monitoring features. These features can help grandma and grandpa stay healthy, safe, and alert. What if you can’t go the Galaxy Watch route or don’t have an iPhone for the Apple Watch? Looking at the features offered by these other excellent devices can help you figure out what smartwatch can work best for your needs.

Note that many smartwatch models update each year. These are the most recent models available right now. Smartwatches have become better with time. An older model might serve, but the current model likely has a lot more features and usability.

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