9 Best Garmin Apps: Level Up Your Watch

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If you have a Garmin Watch, you probably have heard about all the amazing apps you can download. But you might not know the best Garmin Watch apps — or why you might need them! 

That’s why we’ve compared all the top Garmin Watch apps to find out which ones have people talking, and which ones could benefit you. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your sports performance, keep track of your appointments, or find your way around town, we have all the top apps that you should have your eye on!

Best Garmin Apps to Download

1. Garmin Pay

The Garmin Watch has several useful apps for contactless payments. One of the best is Garmin Pay. This handy app makes it possible to pay for whatever you need whether you have your physical wallet on you or not. You can pay in mere moments through the app, saving space in your wallet and your pocket.

They say the future is virtual — and this app makes it obvious that money and your bank account definitely can be! If you also download the Barcode app, you can store all the barcodes associated with your name and account, which means no more carrying around gift cards, memberships, or rewards cards.

2. Map Nav 

Maps Nav

Most of us have gotten used to using Google Maps on our smartphones, but the Map Nav app takes things up a notch. This lets you navigate from your Garmen watch without even touching your phone.

This is the closest you’ll get to hands-free navigation, making it perfect for backpackers and cyclists.

Map Nav provides step-by-step directions for wherever you are, whether it’s a hiking trail through a state park or a foreign country. It uses vibrations to let you know when you have gone the wrong way! 

3. Watchlist 


Having all your appointments, to-do lists, calendar dates, and other lists in one spot is the dream.

The Watchlist app makes it easy to sync all your calendars to one spot, which means that you will get notifications about all the things you need to remember and be able to check your reminders even if you don’t have your phone.

You can sync your calendar from your phone without downloading an extra app to pair the devices.

4. Recognicam


Remote security monitoring is one of the most fascinating and useful technologies that we have today! Recognicam is an app for your Garmin Watch that pairs with security cameras in your home.

You’ll get alerts with automatic image capture no matter where you are.

Don’t think that you’ll be getting constant alerts because of every flash of light, insect, or stray cat that wanders by. Recognicam’s intelligent recognition filters those out so you only get the alerts that really matter.

5. MyHomeControl 


MyHomeControl lets you control all the smart devices and IoT technology in your home from anywhere in the world.

Depending on what you have in your home, that could mean anything from climate control to lights, garage door openers, sprinklers, security cameras, baby monitors, and more.

Forget wondering if you left the oven on — this app lets you check right from your wrist. You can even send commands to your home system through your watch, with actions such as on/off, start/stop, open/close, or up/down.

6. Public Transport r.485

Public Transport r.485

If you prefer taking the bus to driving, this app could be a great choice for you. This stores all the information about public transport in your area, including data from your saved routes.

That means you will get information about scheduling and departure locations as well as notifications for when you’re due to board.

You can also input addresses to find the easiest and most convenient public transport line from your current location.

7. RunSafe+


If you are a runner, RunSafe+ is a great app for you. This app tracks your run and allows you to create a detailed user profile to help you meet your goals.

That includes everything from speed to race timing, heart rate, and other specs.

You can also set it to different settings such as cross country, stroller running, and pool running. This will let you measure your performance afterward and adjust your runs as needed.

8. Hiking App Professional

Hiking App Professional

Hiking enthusiasts, on the other hand, will want to download the Hiking App Professional.

This ultra-detailed app keeps track of all your hiking specs, from the altitude and elevation to your speed, distance, time elapsed, pace, heart rate, and much more.

There is also a built-in compass function to help you improve your navigation skills as you go. If you love hiking and want to improve your performance, this app is the perfect choice!

9. Meditate


Yoga and meditation are great for your body and mind, but they can be difficult to get into without guidance.

The Meditate app helps you improve your daily routine to be more effective, calming, and energizing so you feel better from head to toe.

The app walks you through different meditations and exercises while tracking your stress levels and heart rate to improve your performance. Forget going to yoga class when you can have it right on your wrist!

Final Verdict

These aren’t the only apps you can find for your Garmin watch, but they are some of the most highly rated. To check these out (and plenty of others) log onto the Garmin app store.

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