Best Wear OS Apps for 2022

Best Wear OS Apps (1)

The best Wear OS apps keep users connected to their favorite apps and portable devices used at work, home, and school. 

Want to know about the hottest apps Wear OS users are downloading from the Google Play Store? Keep reading to discover five of the best Wear OS apps for Google watches in 2022! 

Best Wear OS Apps

Wear OS is a propriety software application that connects with Google’s smartwatch and the latest versions of Android and iPhones. The best apps help users stay connected, increase productivity, and never miss an important communication or event. 

The latest Google Wear OS devices, like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, support some of Google and iPhones’ hottest apps. Below is a list of must-have apps for Google Wear OS users in 2022! 

1. Messages App


The messages app on Wear OS keeps users connected to their smartphone contacts.

It features automated quick replies for responding on the go and responding to SMS messages without missing a beat!

iPhone and Android users can pair their Wear OS watch with their smartphones to read and reply to text messages and SMS messages on the go. 

One of the best features of the Messages app is that Wear OS users can read full text messages on their watches. Google Watch users can answer incoming messages directly on their watch by replying with a pre-written or voice message. 

2. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant helps iPhone and Android users connect to the built-in features of Wear OS watches and portable devices. 

Access your Google assistant using the “Ok Google” feature built into Wear OS. 

Download the Google Assistant to get the latest information about current weather, and traffic. You can even play your favorite song from another Wear OS-connected app like Pandora or Spotify. 

It’s important to note that the Google assistant may not be compatible with all Wear OS devices. 

Check with your Wear OS watch manufacturer to learn more about the features, benefits, and limitations of Google-connected wearables. 

Click here to learn more about exciting product updates and Wear OS announcements from Google. 

3. Google Pay

Google pay

Using the GPay app makes it easy for Wear OS owners to store their credit card data in their Google watch for paying at merchants who accept Google Pay. 

Wear OS users add their credit cards to their Google account and make payments in stores and online to merchants who accept Google Pay. 

One limitation of the Google Pay app for Wear OS is that it doesn’t currently support making payments with PayPal or adding store loyalty cards. 

4. Phone App

Phone App

Need to take a call when you’re on the road or away from your phone? The Wear OS phone app makes it possible to use the built-in Google assistant feature to make a phone call on your smartwatch! 

The phone app allows users to answer or reject incoming phone calls with a quick swipe to the right or left on their Google watch phone screens. 

Wear OS users can make a call from their smartwatch using the voice-activated “Ok Google” feature or by selecting the number they want to dial from contacts. 

5. – Google Fit App

The developers at Google designed the fit app to help you stay on top of your fitness goals! 

Wear OS users can download the Google Fit app for Android phones and iPhones to track calories burned, monitor their heart rate, and get daily exercise reminders. 

One of the best features of the Google Fit app for Wear OS is that users can access Google’s proprietary health and fitness app directly from the watch face! 

Wear OS Basics and Features

Wear OS is an operating system built on Google’s software network. Developers designed Wear OS to power the latest Google-connected smartwatches and wearable devices. 

Users can download their favorite Wear OS apps for productivity, health, and communication from the Google Play Store. 

The full capabilities of your Google Wear OS device activate when you pair your device with your compatible mobile phone!

Google’s current version of Wear OS currently supports the following features for Android users on Marshmallow 6.0 and later software releases and iPhone users on iOS 10 and later versions. 

Streaming Media – Wear OS can control media on streaming devices, so streamers don’t lose their place when watching their favorite shows on streaming apps like Netflix. 

Scrolling Pane – The scrolling pane on most Google watches lets users receive and respond to important text messages, updates, and scheduled appointments via the Google Assistant feature. 

Connected Communication – Google’s Wear OS supports “always-on” communication via text messaging, voice calling, and auto-generated smart replies. Compatible apps extend communication capabilities with voice control and gestures.

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