7 Best Sleep App for Apple Watch

7 Best Sleep App for Apple Watch

Apple revolutionized the smartwatch industry with technology such as sleep tracker apps, other health-related features, and conveniences. The sleep apps tracker are ideal for streamlining sleep and learning more about specific issues or needs for wearers. 

I’ve spent countless hours researching Apple Watch features and helping family and friends get the most out of their Apple Watch features.

Follow along as I provide details about the best Apple Watch sleep apps.



This Apple Watch sleep app is free for the basic version, and the subscription version is only five dollars per month.

This feature-rich app tracks your sleep details and allows you to set goals.

  • Low price 
  • Sleep score
  • Heart rate
  • Disruption tracking

This is a great app for those on a budget who want plenty of insights. 



Pillow also offers a free version, but they also have a subscription-based version which costs seven dollars per month.

Hello has many features, such as REM tracking, sleep stages, deep sleep phases, and more. This app is ideal for tracking your sleep rhythms and cycles.

  • Infographic
  • Nightly reports 

Pillow is ideal for those who want to understand their precise sleep patterns and rhythms. 

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

This app has a free version and a premium subscription that’s only $30 per year. This app tracks your activity while sleeping to help you determine where you’re having interruptions and issues that have you feeling tired during the day.

It records sounds for replay to help you gain more insights about your sleep activities and any interruptions you’re unaware of after you awaken. 

  • Record sounds
  • Replay

This app is ideal for figuring out what you’re up to when you sleep. 



This app has excellent features other apps lack and has a great price. There is a free version and a $5 per month premium subscription.

Its purpose is to help you increase your energy levels during the day by tweaking your sleep patterns.

This app wakes you during light sleep and provides feedback about circadian rhythms. It also helps you understand when your energy levels are at their maximum. 

  • Circadian tracker
  • Smart alarm

Get better sleep and have more energy in the day with SleepSpace.

Sleep Watch by Bodymatter

Sleep Watch by Bodymatter

This app also features a free version and a $5 per month subscription version. This app focuses more on coaching the user and giving them helpful advice.

It doesn’t have as many features as the other apps but has more information and suggestions for better sleep. 

  • Sleep time reminders
  • Sleep tracker
  • Advice for better sleep

Get personalized advice and suggestions for better sleep with Sleep Watch. 

Better Sleep

Better Sleep

This app doesn’t offer a free version but has a seven-day free trial. It costs $5 per month after the free trial is over. This app is designed for people with insomnia.

The app tracks sleep patterns and habits. It uses the information to help determine your ideal bedtime. It also provides sleep aids such as bedtime stories, isochronic tones, and guided meditation. 

  • Sleep tones
  • Bedtime stories
  • Meditation features 
  • Sleep tracking

This app is for you if you have trouble sleeping or getting on a schedule. 



This app is free with the ad-supported version. However, if you want to eliminate ads, it’s only $2 per month. This is the one you want for people who want an affordable sleep app that connects with the Apple Watch’s Health app.

It tracks your sleep and collects usable data. It compares sleep—activity to daily awake activity to give you better insights for your entire day. 

  • Synchs to Health app
  • Sleep tracking
  • Compares awake data

This app is ideal for viewing daily and nightly activity to help adjust for the best results. 


In my opinion, the best Apple Watch sleep app is Rem, followed by Sleep++. I took into account price, features, and usability. However, not everyone has the same sleep issues, so choose an app based on your individual problems and needs.

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