9 Best Apple Watch Faces

Best Apple Watch Faces

My Apple Watch is so smart, its face is just as expressive as mine! Go ahead, try matching your Apple Watch face to your mood or disposition for the day. It’s fun, you’ll see!

To help you along, I researched high and low in the vast internet to find some of the best Apple Watch faces you should try on your device. 

Game face on!

1. Activity

  • Mood: Active
  • Version: updated version coming in watchOS 9 
  • Complications: 3 max

Step up your activity and fitness with help from this Activity watch face. It’s a fitness tracker that happens to tell the time, actually. The rings on display actually are indicators for calories burned, active minutes completed, and activity frequency.

2. Artist

  • Mood: Creative
  • Version: All
  • Complications: No

In the mood for something a little more artsy? Check out the Artist watch face by Geoff McFetrige. The artist has successfully incorporated the hour and minutes as the eyes, while the line separating the two makes up the nose. The face itself is customizable, so you can be as creative with it as you’d like.

3. Chronograph

  • Mood: Punctual & Precise
  • Version: watchOS 7
  • Complication: Yes

This watch face is definitely one of the more stylish out there. By tapping on the bezel around the dial, you will get a reading of your own speed as calculated from your time traveled over a set distance. Now that’s a proper chronograph for punctuality and precision.

4. GMT

  • Mood: Jetsetting
  • Version: Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4 and above (from watchOS 7)
  • Complication: 4 max

Whether you physically need to travel or you simply need to be mindful of the time in another timezone, this GMT watch face can definitely serve you well. The great thing about it is that you can add a secondary timezone, making it easy to keep track of another time anywhere else in the world. Just select from or add a city in your iPhone’s world clock list and you’re good to go. You can customize the colors too, if you’d like. 

5. Infograph

  • Mood: Focused & Organized
  • Version: Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4 and above
  • Complications: 8 max

Busy day ahead? Set your Apple Watch face to the Infograph, specifically designed for the efficient multitasker. Utilize as much as 8 complications to keep you right on time and on track. Add some pop of color with fully customizable complications and subdials to keep your day light and bright despite the multitude of things you need to accomplish.

6. Metropolitan

  • Mood: Clean & Classic
  • Version: exclusive on the new watchOS 9
  • Complications: 4 max

You want something sleek and modern, but also clean and classic? Then the Metropolitan face is the one for you. Its minimalist design gives your Apple Watch face that subtle but undeniable elegance. It also makes for easy wear whether in casual or more formal fits. 

7. Motion

  • Mood: Chill & Zen
  • Version: All
  • Complications: 3 max

Whisk yourself away closer to nature, even for a brief moment, with the Motion watch face. Choose which natural element you want to find your zen and chill with: butterfly, flower, or jellyfish. The Butterfly collection brings up to 25 different species to beautiful and delicate movement, while the Flower collection animates 10 flowers into bloom. For a piece of underwater peace and quiet, check out the Jellyfish collection. Everytime you raise your wrist, a different species of jellyfish (there are 6 variants featured) will float up the watch face.

8. Playtime

  • Mood: Playful
  • Version: exclusive on the new watchOS 9
  • Complications: NA

Fuss-free, complications-free. Only fun and games around here! Thanks to Chicago artist and illustrator Joi Fulton, you can dress your watch face to something more playful and fun to lighten and brighten up your day. You can even make the characters react by tapping on them. If you want to change the background, simply rotate the Digital Crown to pick the one you like best.

9. Photos

  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Version: All
  • Complications: Yes

Did you know that you can use photos from your Face Gallery to use as your Apple Watch face? You can even sync your Favorites album so you can include the photos in it in a carousel (maximum of 10 photos). Change up the color positions, customize the time position, and select the content you want to add in your mix. Now those dearest to you can be with you all the time.

Customize Your Apple Watch Face

Choosing your Apple Watch face is simple. Just press the Digital Crown, then touch and hold the display so you can start selecting and customizing your watch face. You can also change or remove it through your iPhone.

Take note that these are only 9 (NINE!!!) of the many different watch faces available. With the watchOS 9 coming up in a couple of months, you can expect more varieties to choose from, so look forward to that!

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